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Well guarded Chinese Secret:
The ancient and wise Chinese civilization regarded the sexual organs as the center of health. The over 2000 years old practice of using polished stone eggs to exercise the vaginal and pelvic floor muscles was the Empress’own secret to living a youthful and long sexual life. Only the women who were to become the Empress or concubines of the Emperor, were taught the esteemed use of precious polished stones to train and tone their vaginal muscles to reach the heights of giving and receiving orgasmic pleasure.

How to never lose your lover!

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erotic china
erotic china

Chinese Secret revealed to you:
Some experts are able to lift up to 25 pounds with their vaginal and pelvic muscles,
after thorough training with eggs of various sizes and weights!

The Emperor and Empress enjoyed long and satisfying lovemaking throughout their long lives. Jade is a luminous stone highly valued in the ancient Chinese culture for its mystical properties and healing power communicated by touch. The Orient has offered a rich source of spiritual wisdom as well as erotic secrets. Within the palace walls of ancient China, the Empress and concubines alone within the secrecy of their private chambers, were taught to practice a technique that led to their longevity, youthful energy, and extraordinary skills as lovers. We are now learning to incorporate the ancient wisdom of others cultures, by opening ourselves to the best practices around the world.
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an old chinese secret!

The ancient and advanced Chinese civilization has offered us many treasures such as acupuncture, martial arts, and Bhuddhism, The use of precious stone eggs to exercise the vaginal muscles was a well-guarded technique of the empress and concubines of the Emperor of ancient China. We are lucky to live in times such as these when the most beneficial practices of the privileged few, can be practiced by us today, in our own homes. Oriental wisdom offers a holistic key to wellbeing, a balance of good physical and spiritual health, and key, the Jade Eggs. We now give you the chance to discover the spiritual and sensual benefits within.