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Originally, these chinese secrets exercises were created to improve a woman´s personal health both physically and spiritually, since the exercises concentrate on the area of the body believed to contain the creation energy or Chi.
Just as it is necessary to exercise and maintain the body to stay in good physical and mental shape, the same applies to stay in good sexual health. The advanced Chinese civilization realized a woman´s sexual health was central to her well-being and health.
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When not maintaining the fitness of your sexual organs, they weaken and lose their resilience. This can lead to incontinence, complicated childbirth, even a prolapsed uterus. It is easy to improve your sexual health, healing and preventing the debilitating problems caused by weak vaginal and pelvic floor muscles.

How to control your lover!
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After childbirth, many women experience a strectching of the vagina and sometimes nerve loss resulting in decreased vaginal sensitivity and tighness, a difference that diminishes pleasure for you as well as your partner.
Your confidence in your ability to give healthy natural birth, without complications and postpregnancy, recover fully from stretching, and prevent or heal the problems associated with natural aging and vaginal birth will make your life feel easier and obstacle-free. mother
All doubts will be erased from your mind. Those seeking to enhance their health and well-being, will find enjoyable use of the beautiful Jade Eggs to lead them on a journey to higher spiritual transformations. Learning this chinese secret of control and virtuosity over the vagina results in healthy genital tone, improved skin tone, and heightened vaginal sensitivity. Use of Jade Eggs will encourage healing and rejuvenation.

A well guarded Chinese Secret!
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